A musician, artist, scholar, and humanitarian. A man who bore very difficult responsibilities with courage, dignity and honor. A. KURTZ debuted in 1984 as a premium, military flavored, casual line of apparel and accessories.

Our most recognized designs are the military caps, which inspired the accessory category, and created a sea of imitations. However, it is not only about military. KURTZ is Vintage. KURTZ is iconic Americana. KURTZ is MADE STRONG! It’s your favorite cap, scarf, bag, belt, or pair of sunglasses; rugged, well made, fairly priced, and also exclusive.

In 2008, I worked with an amazing group of collaborators to design this line of sunglasses for the iconic brand Akurtz. I also created hand drawn assets, photography, designed and developed the website using Flash AS2.

Role: Design, Illustration, Photography & Web Development
Company: Zio Group x Akurtz
Impact: While Akurtz was already famous for their iconic vintage styled hats, these sunglasses were a welcomed addition which gave their fans even more options to complete their look. We carried through Akurtz vintage military styling by creating custom pin up illustrations and patterns to work with the already unique frame and lens shapes.
Design Team Size: Solo in collaboration with Eyesave INC. & Akurtz