Equinox+ provides a best in class digital fitness experience from the world’s best trainers. I lead the user experience design teams to create these experiences for smart phone app, tablets, wearables, tv, web, and the SoulCycle At-Home Bike.

Role: Director of User Experience
Companies: Equinox | Soul Cycle
Design Team Size: 23

The Brands

The App

UX Design Team: Jon Sang, Molly Winter Stewart, Molly Werner, Lensay Abdula, Antya Waegemann, Allison Auyeung, Tracy Michael, Steve Cordova

Just one app

When I joined Equinox+ the brand at the time was named Variis. It was not easy for users who were already Equinox club members to discover this content which was already included in their membership. For users that only subscribed to the app, the relationship between that and Equinox was not very clear. To solve this issue, we combined both experiences into one app. Now club goers can check in to a club, schedule a fitness class, manage their personal training, make a spa appointment, integrate with their wearables and access digital fitness content all in the same place. For app, tv and bike only subscribers, there was now a clear path to joining the rest of the Equinox family.

Unified home experience

Now showing a contextual blend of club and digital content.


Choose from IRL, live or on-demand digital classes.

Class search

Unified and aligned experience and design system, look and feel across all brands in the ecosystem.

Class Scheduling

Unified planner and integration with your calendar – start point for helping expand relevant recommendations and engagement across the week.

Goal based training

Goal based programs will include IRL, PT and digital sessions to truly motivate the omni experience.

Specific movement based training

New and improved movement player designed bolster IRL workouts, program sessions, trainer tools, and new strength features.

Marketing & Collaborations

Unified Martech stack – single instance of braze. One point for running campaigns for both EQX and EQX+ members (including Soul bike owners, DTC app members.


Challenges are important to incentivize engagement – approx 5-15% of users have used challenges each month this year on Equinox+, their CPW have increased ~20% on doing so.

SoulCycle At-Home Bike

The user experience design team was also responsible for the SoulCycle At-Home Bikes. We even layered on some pretty cool social features that connected bike users whether they were riding a live, on demand or free ride class.


Available for Roku, Apple TV, Amazon TV & Google TV

Web, iPad, Android Tablet