I joined Jet when they were still an early stage startup, post Walmart acquisition. Given my previous experience focusing on mobile apps, there was an opportunity for me to lead the android and ios end to end shopping experience. My other responsibilities were also pushing the boundaries of our cart, checkout and post checkout experiences across web. Below are a few successful projects that I’ve worked on.

Role: Associate Director of User Experience
Company: JET ( Acquired by Walmart 3.3 Billion )
Design Team Size: 13

Referral Program

  • Increase customer conversion
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reduce customer acquisition cost
  • Training our customer service teams in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Facilitating ideation sessions with design, marketing, data analytics and research teams
  • Presenting updates to senior leadership
  • Presenting the final experience to company during all hands meeting.
Desktop Web Referral Experience
Android and iOS Referral Experience

Guest Checkout

To shop Jet in the past, a user was required to have an account. With the addition of this guest checkout feature, users could easily purchase items without the hassle of creating an account during the purchase flow. This project required significant changes to the original architecture of our platform. Our goal was to improve customer conversion and basket size by removing a major barrier to checkout. To solve this issue I led multiple sessions between the design, product and engineering teams in order to build our MVP and create a strategy for a long term scalable solution for our site and mobile apps.

Mobile / Desktop Web Examples

App Content Strategy Architecture

Our Android and iOS apps not only looked different, but also required drastically different work flows from our internal copy writers, designers and creative teams. This proposed solution reduced the friction for creating and delivering content to our users through unifying the design and content across both iOS and Android platforms.

Jet Android AR Shopping Experience

Using Google’s new ARcore kit, we allowed users to preview items in their homes.
We started with our customer’s favorite electronic items such as TVs, voice assistants, drones, and wireless speakers.

Prototypes & Other Explorations