Local news audiences have deep trust and even personal connections with their local station and the on-air personalities that provide the vital information they need. There are around 12 NBC local news markets across the United States, NBC 4 New York, NBC 7 San Diego and NBC Boston to name a few. The NBC local news apps connects these audiences with top local stories and weather, breaking news, live TV and award-winning investigative journalism.

I worked with design and product teams across the US markets to deliver a world class experience for these users across both Android and iOS platforms.

Role: Senior UI/UX Designer
Company: NBC
Impact: 4.6+ Average ratings across all NBC local news apps in both Google Play and Apple App Store
Design Team Size: 2

JFK 50 App

The JFK 50 app, was an app specially made for the Texas NBC market to honor the life of John F. Kennedy and the 50th anniversary of his assassination. Features include interactive maps showing the route of the presidential motorcade, and Oswald’s attempted escape that fateful day. A timeline covers Nov. 21-27, with articles and videos taking you through the seven days surrounding the president’s trip to Texas.

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